LA UNION: Quickest Trip Ever

La Union is one of the provinces and places I really want to visit since it’s near Manila — estimated 4 to 5 hours drive without traffic. It is located in the north side, Luzon part of the Philippines. It’s famous because it’s the nearest beach if you want to surf and party at beach.

This is my first trip to Elyu (LU). I really planned to visit this place so many times, asked a lot of friends to joined me but ended up nothing. So I was really excited when I asked my friends to go to Elyu this weekend even for a short trip. It was really not a planned kind of trip with my beshies (barkadas in the office). I can call it a quickest travel I had. We stayed in La Union less than 24 hours. Lol. The goal was only to swim, surf and chill supposedly while drinking beer but this didn’t happen. This literally felt like a road trip, sharing some stories as always — ‘cause even when you travel with them or simply be with them, it won’t be quiet one (unless we’re sleeping) and there will always a lot to tell. So happy that I met this kind of people. Anyways so much for introduction. Lol

So let’s get started. Where did we stay and how did we survived being in Elyu for a short time and had fun.


We stayed at the Camp Avenue in a tent. You can check their site on this link. You can contact them thru FB or send a message directly to Ate Remy via txt. Thank you to my college batch mate for recommending this. I really love it. This place is not in the surfing side of San Juan, La Union. Not too far, a 10 to 15 mins drive away from the surfing part and we had our beach on our own. We literally sleep here and recharged.

This place is instagramable and relaxing. I believe that if you really stayed here and wait till the sun comes down, there is music and bonfire. Probably a recommended place to stay if you want to be away from the crowd. Will definitely return to Elyu and stay here again and try their Nipa Hut.

The view outside our tent upon arriving.


Surfing again for the second time, first was in Baler way back 2016. You can really tell how ecstatic I am back on the beach and this time surfing. Of course, us girls paid with an instructor and the boys had to do it on their own.

This time I had so much fun, I already found my balance. Felt like I was with my board enjoying and riding the waves. If only we had an action camera or Ate (the one who had my phone) took a lot of videos. Btw, I highly recommend to surf in the early morning or just after lunch. ‘Cause if you go there around 4 or 5 pm there were already a lot of people surfing, kinda crowded. We paid for P 400 for a hour of surfing, this comes with an instructor and board rental. If you already knew how to surf, just rent a board which cost half. Just a tip, visit Elyu during weekday for sure you have the beach on your own.


Of course, in every travel there will always be food. Luckily there is a free breakfast in Camp Avenue and it was so good that I really want to eat more. I tried their tapsilog. I was surprised that it comes with a fruit.

Then after some stroll at the beach part of the Camp Avenue we already camped out and headed to the surfing spot which is San Juan. But first we ate at this Curma (don’t know if it’s right) but this is like a food hub where the famous El Union Coffee is located.

We tried two stalls, the Makai Bowl and the Layag Grille.

We tried different smoothie bowls (Surfer’s Bowls, Beach Break, Carille & Point) in Makai Bowls. Mine is Point, the one with a strawberry on top. This smoothie has an açaí juice which is my fave. If you’re into a sour and sweet kinda taste, you must try this.

While for lunch we had group meal. I dunno the name but it cost P 1,000 and already good for 4. Not bad at all cause it already has different type of grilled seafoods, barbecues (chicken and pork) and side dishes. We were so full after eating this.

We left before the sun sets since others have other plans for the long weekend. It was sad to leave early in Elyu as I still wasn’t able to visit the other places so definitely I will return. Hopefully soon enough since it is just a bus ride away and there is a lot to explore. If you’re going there, tag me along 😉

P.S. Shoutout to our dear friend Gid (the one wearing a rash guard) ‘cause without him trip will just be a plan. A really big thank you beshiewap! This trip wouldn’t be successful if you didn’t say yes.


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