TWENTY-SIX: Greet me, it’s my Birthday

I don’t know how to start this blog. Others may think that this is cliche but this is an appreciation blog. I am also hesitant to post this but when I attended the mass yesterday, it gives me the courage to share and tell you my learnings and thoughts. Please keep on reading especially when you are feeling so low 😊

So yesterday, Feb 6 is my birthday. Yeah, your girl just turned 26. Well age is a number and strangers always thought I am younger — a student always (because I’m short). Maybe I should thank my parents for the genes. Lol.

This is me showing how much I am happy and having fun everyday. Also, please excuse me if I’m still posting some of my recent travel photo ’cause there are still a lot to share. I always thought of writing on my birthday. Just to express how much I am thankful for existing in this awesome world. Well, yeah! Shouting my hearts out and thanking you so much God for another year to explore and discover more of myself and to make and pursue my dream — to travel.


As you all know, I am a night owl. So I am still awake when the time hits at 12mn. I was silently thinking. My mind was eating me (as always). Looking back, a lot happened for the past year. Yet, I am so thankful.

This year, no one was calling me or texting me exactly 12mn which I am used too. I was a bit sad, thinking of all the memories. Then I just prayed. Praying that I know this is just the beginning. That this year will be awesome as you, God. I am thanking Him for everything — guiding me for who I am today. Being mahiyain (shy) to slowly turning to hubadera (bikini girl). Lol. I am embracing my flaws. This year, You made me fuller. Full of confidence to go out of my comfort zone and do what I always wanted. Started my blog. Being able to travel to different places, going solo. Yes, this year, there will be a lot of solo travels.


But did you also know that last year I was in my lowest point of life. Nope, no one knew ‘cause I didn’t let anybody to notice. I kept it to myself. There where times that I cry to myself to sleep. I lost myself, my passion. But like I said from my previous FB/IG post, last year was a whirlwind experience of emotions. Ugh, but let’s just cut the sad emotions. And gladly telling you that I survived that phase. I don’t want to be too detailed as to what happened because I want this to be a happy post. If you truly believe and have faith, you can make it. So even after what happened, I made it, things got better and a lot of opportunities opened. My mom is getting better everyday; I work in a Company who really promotes work-life balance. I was able to balance my life now. I can be whoever I want to be without hesitations.

You’re only a fool if you give up – Aladdin

The best lesson for me was just to keep on going. That’s why my blog name turned to be Just Go Annie. I know it’s hard — impossible to others but we just need to keep going even we fall and we fail; especially even we had our heart broken. It will always be our journey. It will always be our decision if we choose and stay to be low or keep our heads high and be happy. So here I am, telling you that keep on fighting. There will always be days that you feel alone, sad and weak but you just have to keep on going. Because at the end of the day, a bigger reward will be waiting for you. You may not know it but it will definitely be worth it. Also, keep on praying. That’s what I always do and always look for your inspiration — my family and friends. When you think of God and your inspiration, you will find strength ‘cause I found mine ❤️

So yeah, ending this with so much happiness in my heart and would like to thank everyone who greeted me. My heart is really full with so much love. Hope that this post made you smile as well. Have a blessed day everyone and keep moving forward ✨

Lastly, keep falling in love with LIFE ‘cause it has a lot to offer.

P.S. I would really like to thank my dear friend Mitzi for the birthday calligraphy. Please do follow her on IG: @mitzidoodles for more of her artworks 💓


Author: justgoannie

Hi! I am Ann. Welcome to Just Go Annie, my online world. Not a writer but wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on traveling, life adventures and other little things.

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