BORACAY: A Paradise Renewed

Boracay is one of the best beaches in the Philippines because of its fine and powder-like white sand. Also, can we not forget its beautiful sunset and clear blue sea.

We all know that Boracay was closed for 6 months and undergo rehabilitation. As everyone else, I am excited to experience the new Boracay. I never experience the old beach such I cannot compare and distinguish the difference. Yes, I am a first timer in this island that why all I felt was excitement ’cause I never knew that I will be able to travel as early as January and my first destination is this beautiful place.

We visited Boracay last end of January 2019. Upon experiencing Boracay for the first time, is it worth it? It is definitely a big YES! It is so relaxing that I don’t want to go back to Manila and just stay there at the beach, hear the calm waves and feel the cold breeze air. But, for me to experience again this type of life, we need to go back to reality and earn. I will be sharing to you our activities, place to stay and where to eat. Keep reading to know more of our recent trip. Just a heads up, we didn’t have a budget type of trip because I already expected to shed a lot since this trip will all about experiencing the Boracay.


Let’s get started. So how can you go to Boracay, Aklan?

There are two ways to get there, you may book a flight going to Kalibo or Caticlan. If you want a faster way, booked a flight to Caticlan ‘cause it is near the Caticlan Port but expect that the price is a bit higher. If you are a traveler in PH, there are a lot of airlines to choose from – Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Skyjet.

So, we opted to book via Kalibo. Just a little disappointed with this airline cause our flight was 9:55AM but departed past 12NN. Really hate delayed flight, it took us almost 2 hours delayed in the airport and in the runway. The feeling of I should have reached the place by that time but well that’s how it goes here in PH.

Going back, from Kalibo International Airport, you need to ride a van shuttle approximately 1 hr and 30 mins ride to Caticlan Port and ride a 20-minute ferry to reach the Boracay Island. Upon exiting the Kalibo Airport there are already choices to pick if you want a van+ boat or simply the van going to the port.

But did you know that you can also go to Boracay if you have a flight to Iloilo? Well, I just knew it there so maybe if I plan to visit Iloilo might add Boracay in my itinerary.


Before entering the port, they are already checking if you booked a hotel to stay in Boracay. You cannot enter if you don’t have any hotel and only accredited Department of Tourism (DOT) hotels are accepted. To check, you may refer to this link.

So where to stay? There are a lot of hotels to choose from and it depends on your type (luxurious or backpacker) if you want to stay near Station 1, 2 or 3. We stayed in Lanterna Mini Hotel near Station 1, but it is closest to the other side which is Bulabog Beach. We booked via Agoda. It will actually take you about 8 to 10 mins walk to Station 1. It was a surprise for us and we really recommend this hotel as the place feels like home. It is comfy, and our room has a bathtub + a veranda. It was such a score for its price! Also, owner Luigi and his wife is really nice and very accommodating. They also have a Labrador dog that is such a sweetie. I am afraid of big dogs but who can resist their dog.

Let’s talk about their food. Breakfast was not included when you book and their meal costs P 200.00 per serving yet it was good. We always eat late which is around 9AM that’s why we are full to almost complete the day. Serving was big and I am not a bread lover but their toast bread is so good.


There are lot of choices to pick from but since we are not in the sane mind to think of food. Maybe because we don’t really feel the hunger and we really are enjoying. There are fast foods also in Bora like Mcdo, KFC, Army Navy and Yellow Cab near the beach. But, we ate mostly grilled type of foods, seafoods is a must try. We ate at The Sun Villas. For me, it is the best grilled seafood restaurant. Expect to shed out a lot in food cause price ranges near the beach are P 200.00 and above but the serving is big enough, so I think it is worth it.

Also, don’t forget to try the Jonah’s Fruit Shake. It is a must, they will also ask you if you want milk or not in the fruit shake. I tried the Banana Mango and it was so good. Best reliever after the Helmet Diving. Though it is no longer located at the beach front, but you can easily find it.

Moreover, have you tried a mango float? If not, you should. You should try the one in Station 1 which is Beach Bum Mango Bar. Best dessert ever! 🧡 This cost P 150.00 for 16oz. I really love Mangoes and it is one of my favorite fruit.



First thing we did upon arriving in Boracay was to catch the sunset in Station 1 and surely our arrival was just in time to experience it. Was it really nice? Outstanding! I cannot explain the feeling of watching the sky changes. I am always a fan of sunset and its color. The sky was changing to yellow and orange. I was in awe of God’s beautiful creation and was quietly thanking Him for a safe arrival and able to experience His magic. Best thing to do on our first day.

Of course, on our second day we couldn’t remove this in our itinerary. We walked from Station 1 to Station 2 almost nearing Station 3. We didn’t know that we walked that far but every side of the beach was a best location. This time it was cloudy, so the sun sets earlier as expected and the sky color was in PINK. Yes, in that beautiful color.

P.S. Photos were not filtered and edited


Basically, what we did was chill in the beach, watch the sunset, take pictures and enjoy the breeze. But also, we couldn’t miss the exciting activities that Bora has to offer. There are a lot of activities to try, but we only did two which is Parasailing and Helmet Diving because it is kinda pricey and since we are only two. Why should I complain? The beach was closed for 6 mons, so they need to gain some of their loses. Likewise, whenever I travel I always keep that in mind that is experience is worth of any price 😊

Just a reminder to always hydrate yourself. I had a nosebleed after having those activities but I only notice it when I checked my pictures upon arrival in Manila. This incident happen because of changing temperatures in my body and also too much air pressure I think. But again it is all worth it.


Aside from the activities, there is also an island hopping which you can book there, but we opted that since the beach we just want to visit and relax in Puka Beach. This is our last stop on our last day. You may go there via tricycle which is 20 to 25 mins ride depending on the traffic. Yup, there is still traffic as there are lots of road still in construction. Though a lot of dust, going there is worth it. Puka Beach is so beautiful. The sand is mixed with small sea shells, sea was so blue, and waves are so big. I believe that there are a lot of fishes and star fishes if you swam or snorkel but since I am not a good swimmer I didn’t try because I was afraid that the waves may eat me. Lol.

I will share my detailed itinerary and expenses on a different blog post. Check it out.

Hope this helps and if you planning to visit Boracay, never think twice because it is worth it. Have a great day and always enjoy life  💙


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