Hi Everyone! I am Ann. I’m 25 years old. Born on the love month, February. A single and so called independent woman living and residing in Manila, Philippines. I am an auditor by profession. Not much exciting about me right? Let’s not talk about my career life.

I am a travel junkie. This is really my passion. Doing more of a DIY, to experience different places and enjoy what it has to offer. Taking photos also has been my most frustrated hobby but do not have much equipment. iPhone is my only gear.

I am first time blogger and what can I offer? I would gladly to take you to my journey not only in my travels but also everything under the sun. This blog can also be about my life lessons, food trips and I guess beauty tips. LOL.

Share your thoughts and always welcome to feedback ❤ If you want to join me on my journey to discover different places, I’d love that and happy to share the same passion with others.